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Terms of Use

Dear User, you are responsible for the whole content of the announcement you place on the website. The website has the right not to publish or remove the announcements with inappropriate content.

1. Rights and obligations of the parties

All the materials and information posted on agroshuka.am are protected by copyright and belong to this website.

We have the right to provide your contacts to the aggrieved party, its representatives or legal organization in case you provide the incorrect contact data or visit the site under an assumed name.

Your obligations:
- Do not take any actions that might lead to a disproportionately large load on the website infrastructures, do not use automated programs to access the website.
- Do not prevent or try to prevent the operation of the website, as well as the operation of automated programs and processes.
- Do not use data provided by other users for other purposes, except for making transactions with these users.
- Do not criticize the actions of moderators and administration in other ways, except through direct e-mail correspondence.
- Do not use names similar to other user names, do not impersonate other users and write messages on their behalf;

Agroshuka.am may prohibit the access to the website if the user violates the terms of this agreement. The website has the right to remove the user account and all the announcements at any time, with/without a prior notice (the user chooses) and without incurring responsibility for their actions to the user and third parties.

The user has the right to express his dissatisfaction with the operation of the website through feedback form. After we receive the complaints, we will review them within 3 working days.

While Using The Website You Agree
- Not to violate the publishing rules;
- Not to publish or transmit any illegal, threatening, offensive, compromising information or materials violating human rights, encouraging criminal behavior or civil unrest;
- Not publish or transmit materials violating the rights of another person, copyrights, the right to a trademark or property. It is also forbidden to use any materials of the website without the prior consent of the legal holder.

2. Limitation of liability

Agroshuka.am is not the organizer of transactions between the parties or one of the parties. This website is a platform for commercial communication, helping its users buy products at any

time, from anywhere and at an affordable price. The website is not responsible for losses due to transactions, as well as for user behavior or products offered by them. All conflicts should be resolved between users, without involving the website.

The information provided on the website may be used for informational purposes only. We do not guarantee error-free operation of the website, as well as the complete elimination of all the errors. We also can not guarantee the absence of viruses or other destructive elements downloaded from the website and delivered through e-mail.

3. Agreement duration

This agreement enters into force from the moment of registration or using one of the services on agroshuka.am.

The user has the right to suspend the registration on the site unilaterally, without notifying the administration of agroshuka.am or providing any explanations.

If the user does not agree with the terms of publishing on the website or with the provisions of this user agreement, they must stop using the services of agroshuka.am. Continuous usage of agroshuka.am implies that the user agrees to the terms of the current agreement.

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