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Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy refers to the User’s personal information received while registering on www.agroshuka.am.

Basic conditions

The user himself determines the amount of personal information disclosed.
Contact information is not transmitted to anyone without the consent of the User.
Personal information is not transmitted to the third party/parties.

Personal data

The website collects only the personal data, provided by the User while registering or logging in. The term “personal data” includes:
• Name
• E-mail address
E-mail addresses are not published on the website and are used only in order to contact the User.
It is not necessary to register in order to see the content of the website, registration is necessary for using some functions (like making comments on the articles, etc.)

Usage of personal data by the third parties

The following Privacy Policy applies only to the Website and does not apply to any other third party sites or websites linking to the Website. Personal data is not transmitted to third parties, except for cases related to the current legislation.

Use of personal data

The User’s personal data (e-mail address) used while registering, are not published anywhere, are not available for the visitors of the website and are used to contact the User. In all other cases, not mentioned above, we always ask the User for their consent to use their personal data.

Measures for User personal data protection

We take all necessary security measures to protect the User's personal data from illegal or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution and other illegal actions by third parties.


The Website uses Cookies to collect information about the actions of visitors on the Website, as well as to improve content and capability quality. The user can change browser settings at any time so that it does not save cookies and notifies the user while sending these files. However, in this case, some services and functions may fail to work properly.

Privacy Policy changes

On this page, the User can learn about the privacy policy changes. In some cases, the User will get information through e-mail.

Customer Support Service

All the suggestions and questions concerning this Privacy Policy should be sent to the Customer Support Service at: info@agroshuka.am.
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