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About project

Agroshuka.am is the first solid agricultural platform in Armenia with unprecedented volumes. The project is created and realized by one of the leading agricultural companies in Armenia – Agrointex LLC. The company was founded about 5 years ago. Based on the scale and volume of the work done, Agrointex is considered to be one of the best and prestigious companies in Armenia, investing in intensive gardens, anti-hail nets and drip irrigation systems.
The company is also a leader with its quality work and market competitive prices in the field, which is due to the huge base of modern equipment and cars, as well as the professional staff. In addition to setting up intensive gardens, introducing anti-hail networks and drip irrigation systems, the company specializes in the field of agricultural consulting and modernization of agricultural machinery.
We plan and operate not only for today but also for the future; this is our vision for a long-term success. Therefore, the company has a mission to alleviate the concerns of rural communities. This is how the idea of agroshuka.am was born.
The basis for the creation of the website is the exclusion of reseller activities between individuals and legal entities. Agroshuka.am is a free platform for farmers who can easily sell their agro-products through the website without intermediaries, directly contacting the buyer.